Media interpreting - a different sort of world

Tips for interpreters and clients

  • Sound-proof booths must be available for interpreters.
  • Earphone requirements for interpreters are not the same as for other professions, such as singers or journalists.
  • Interpreters should never hear their own voice in the headset.
  • There must be volume control for the interpreters.
  • There should be one microphone per interpreter.
  • Make sure you can switch the mike on and off.
  • The interpreters should be able to hear all the speakers.
  • Interpreters should have a full view of the set and everyone on it--direct or with monitors.
  • If monitors are used, there should be 2 in the booth:
    • One focused constantly on the person being interviewed
    • One giving the image being broadcast
  • Test the equipment in "live" conditions before the programme starts.
  • There should be a direct connection from interpreters to technicians throughout the programme.

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