Contacting CACL about your AIIC membership in 2021?
As of 1 August 2020, if you plan to submit your application for membership (precandidate, candidate), request a language reclassification, or change of status, please register online on AIIC's new website, link will be provided soon.

Joining AIIC

Joining AIIC means accepting its values and defending its principles, wherever you are in the world. It also means you benefit from advice and support, and it signals your commitment to the profession.

AIIC interpreters have a shared vision of their job and of the conditions under which it should be done. They work together to spread good practice and to raise the profile of the profession.

Duties of membership

In applying for membership, you undertake to comply with the AIIC Code of Professional Ethics and the Professional Standards. Professional confidentiality is the cornerstone of interpreting ethics. It goes hand in hand with professionalism (the defence of quality) and collegiality (teamwork).

Advantages of membership

AIIC membership is direct and individual. When you are a member:

  • Your professional competence is recognised. You have access to a global network of colleagues.
  • Your name and contact details are in the online AIIC database and the printed directory, which makes it easier for people looking for interpreters to find you. You remain a member even if you move to another country.
  • You receive the AIIC directory of members for free.
  • You get priority and discounts for training courses.
  • You can access the resources in the members-only section of the AIIC web site, including the database, the newsletter and promotional material.
  • You can use a professional email address (your with an 8GB mailbox.
  • You can ask for support from the AIIC solidarity fund if you need it.

How you can help

AIIC depends entirely on the active voluntary involvement of all of its members. As a member you are therefore encouraged to get involved in AIIC activities: training, negotiation of agreements, defending working conditions, research, admission of members, technical equipment, new members, statistics, public relations, meetings of the association's administrative bodies, etc. These are the projects that help to shape the future of the profession.

How to join

Download an application form.

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