Letter from the Editor

Are you fed up with finding the hackneyed headline "Lost in Translation" atop every media report vaguely related to language? I am. How far has this plague spread? I googled the catchphrase and came up with 3.8 million references. Food for thought.

Three cups of language

At a popular bar in Tainan (Taiwan), a Polish-Canadian girl was celebrating her graduation from the International MBA program. She spoke English at near native level, with only an occasional hint of her Polish origin. Two new IMBA students had been invited to the party; they had just arrived from Poland and were happy to have found one of the few people on the island who spoke their language.

Le français dans l’actualité

La crise financière est arrivée, avec ses métaphores de gros temps sur la planète, balayant les images du frivole et de l'éphémère pour laisser la place au sérieux, à la gravité, au marasme et à la déprime. Une partie du vocabulaire de l'actualité d'hier a été emportée dans la tempête, mais des mots, des personnages et des concepts récents se sont installés dans le langage courant. Voici un petit glossaire de français branché pour vous aider à décrypter les infos.

Language in the news

Radio, press, films and books are on display in this tour of the Internet. Borges and translation, an interview with a former interpreter in Iraq, and a recent documentary on two scientists traveling in search of disappearing languages are just some of the offerings.