Aux larmes, citoyens

La pauvre Académie française s'efforce de lutter contre toutes les dérives langagières, ayant benoîtement essayé de transformer le marketing en marchéage, le merchandising en marchandisage et le podcasting en baladodiffusion. La greffe n'a pas pris. L'Académie est larguée. Dépassée. Ringarde. C'est le français tel qu'on le parle qui l'emporte. Y a pas photo.

Say it in terpreting

Perhaps something like this has happened to you. Say it's Tuesday and you are comfortably ensconced in your booth. You have absorbed all the vocabulary you need and the meeting is so routine that most of your mental effort is directed towards using words which are anagrams of the Chairman's name.

Language in the news

Worldwide ramblings on translation/interpretation as a profession, the conundrum of interpreting in situations/zones of conflict, craft in a commercialized world, and censorship run rampant. Read now before sites are blocked!