Letter from the Editor

I'm at work: a spacious booth at the UN Conference Center in Bangkok. The door behind me opens onto an internal hallway, another entrance separating our area from the public space outside. Before me a desk-to-ceiling window allows for a good view of the room while providing acoustic isolation.

Interpreters in conflict zones: the limits of neutrality

Our association has more than once wondered if the time had come to reconsider our profession and its - our - place in the world. The need to do so has never struck me with such force as when beginners or outsiders ask apparently taxing questions about our responsibility and the moral conflicts it could lead to. They might be about translating a profanity or replacing a solecism with something better or perhaps more politically correct if we are to play the sublime role we claim as facilitators of dialogue or even messengers of peace.

Bringing back laughter to an Acehnese school

It took months for SMA Negeri 1, a public high school in Banda Aceh, to get back on its feet. But the school has been renovated and new equipment has replaced that destroyed by the deadly tsunami three years ago thanks in part to a contribution from AIIC.

The Henri Methorst award

In 2001, the members of the Congrestolken Cooperative and the AIIC Region of the Netherlands, upon the suggestion of then AIIC Council member Javier Ferreira, instituted an award for good causes named after the founder of Congrestolken Henri Methorst.

Language in the news

An Internet search for interpreter + conflict renders more results than one might expect, and in turn makes one wonder why such bounty should be unexpected these days. Here is a selection of what I found.