AIIC events around the world - October & November

Photos from AIIC events, training sessions, seminars and get-togethers during October and November 2019

Every month AIIC's regional bureaux, committees and groups host events and courses around the globe. Featured here are snapshots from some AIIC events during October and November.

If you have photos from an AIIC event - please get in touch!

AIIC Belgium Region – Cultural event around the Finnish Presidency

On November 14th a group of 30 colleagues from the AIIC Belgium Region took part in a cultural event around the Finnish Presidency.

A City of Turku Office representative -hosting the event- took the floor, together with a Finnish journalist working in Brussels and a Belgian photographer having realised an expo about Finland. 

They shared their thoughts about Finland’s history, the current economic and political    situation, freedom of the media, stereotypes about Finnish people and the main cultural differences compared to Belgium. It was a very lively set of speeches given in a friendly atmosphere. An informal cocktail with some Finnish specialties concluded the evening.

AIIC Belgium Region – Voice-coaching seminar

On 16th-17th November a group of 15 colleagues took part in a voice-coaching seminar following the method developed by the  Lichtenberger® Institut für Angewandte Stimmphysiologie. The short theoretical explanations left space, above all, to individual practice and group's feedback. Very interesting way to take care of one of our main working tools. 

AIIC Vega & Sign Language Network outreach event – Brussels

On 14 October AIIC Vega welcomed 29 AIIC colleagues and students at the BrewDog in Brussels, to provide an overview of the AIIC Sign Language Network, introduce Vega, and discuss the portability of the AIIC brand.

All photos courtesy of the organisers 

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