Social Media: Some suggested guidelines

How to uphold our professional ethics whilst being social online.

Brexit, the US Presidential Election, Italy’s referendum, looming French and German elections... All sources of heated debate which is increasingly being played out on various social media platforms. As many interpreters and other language professional are actively involved in this debate, we’ve talked to some of our partners and colleagues to ask what guidelines they’ve shared with their members and stakeholders. Now we want to share this with you in the form of some practical, “Do’s and Don’ts.”


Think before you post, comment, like, share

If you have to think twice about a post, it’s probably not a good idea. If in doubt, don’t do it.

Keep it professional

Remember, as conference interpreters and AIIC members, we are bound by our professional ethics, especially confidentiality. Keep your posts and comments professional in tone. If in doubt, clearly state, “views are my own.” If you are easily found online and your name or email address is associated to AIIC, this disclaimer will help divert any subjective or negative attention.

Check and validate your sources

It’s tempting to immediately share any information or news that we feel strongly about. But take a little time to check the validity of the source – where you’ve seen it and where it originally comes from.

Correct any mistakes openly and in a timely manner

If you make a mistake, acknowledge it. Don’t try to delete a post or comment and forget about it. State clearly what happened, whether your information was wrong or your source unreliable, for example.


Don't post negative, offensive, obscene material. Ever.

Whatever you post has the potential to stay online forever. Even deleted comments may have been saved as screenshots and could come back to harm yours or AIIC’s reputation. Always try to be objective and never provocative or argumentative.

Further reading and references

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